Tools to Achieve Academic Success
January 25, 2018

As we have entered the second half of the school year, it is important to evaluate our goals and ensure we have made a commitment and a plan to achieve them. In many ways 2018 offers a fresh start, yet builds upon the lessons learned in the first months of the school year.

By now, we all know the areas we need to put in some extra effort and what is required to be successful during the coming months. It is certainly far easier to achieve our goals if we have established a plan we know will lead to academic success. And while such a plan is important to establish and follow, it must also be flexible so that adjustments can be made for unforeseen circumstances, and more importantly, new and exciting opportunities. So, take some time to develop your approach to achieving the success you desire and deserve.

As our high school students prepare for mid-term exams and strive for academic success, I would like to remind everyone that the District has provided a tremendous amount of online resources that I am sure will prove useful for studying. With a particular focus on mathematics, the online resources should be visited by every student preparing for mid-terms. As well, junior high students can include these resources in their academic success plan and avail of the lessons available specifically for them. The District ‘online prep’ resources can be found here:

Students can also take advantage of the many course review materials and online tutoring available through the Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation. A link is available on the above page or can be accessed directly here:  This division of the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District provides an amazing amount of prep and tutoring materials that can be used by any student of the District, not just those who use CDLI as part of their typical academic course work. The Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation has assembled an amazing repertoire of material to benefit all students and we should encourage our students, friends, and family members to take advantage of this unique resource.

Over the course of the coming months I intend to focus some of my future blog posts on the important topics of literacy and numeracy. Our District has been undertaking great initiatives in these areas and I feel, making important steps forward in the education of our students. I hope to connect with readers on the importance of these efforts and promote the support needed by our school communities to ensure the work at school continues at home, and then leads to student success.

Before I conclude, I would like to echo one important topic our District has been focusing on this academic year that should be included in every successful academic plan: attendance. Ensuring students are in class and engaged in their education is critical to success. If you regularly read the Director’s Blog or pay attention to communications from the District, you know the importance of attendance and engagement and how being in school is a precursor to success. Continuing the focus on attendance and engagement should be a priority for all school communities, including students, parents and guardians, administrators, teachers, and school councils. The fundamental question that we must all ask before engaging in activity that takes us away from instructional time is:

Can this activity or event be conducted at a time and/or in a manner that does not disrupt precious time from teaching and learning?

I extend my best wishes to everyone for a safe and successful 2018 and I look forward to the many accomplishments we will achieve together.



Tony Stack
CEO/Director of Education

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