A School Community Approach to Improving Literacy
February 21, 2018

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending St. George’s Elementary and St. Andrew’s Elementary to participate in Family Literacy Day. It was great to engage the students and to see their joy when we read books, discussed the stories, and explored what they learned. Those in-class reading sessions were a true example of student engagement and the joy students receive from reading, as well as the importance of literacy.

The Board of Trustees has also acknowledged how important reading is and has made literacy a core focus of the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District strategic plan. Staff have been diligently implementing this objective and I am proud that our schools and teachers have taken up this cause, undertaking tremendous efforts to ensure our students are strong readers and ready for all life offers.

Research demonstrates that children who can read proficiently by the end of third grade will realize greater academic success and less struggles in life. In order to do all we can for our students to attain reading proficiency at that critical time, we have implemented the Benchmark Assessment System and Levelled Learning Intervention initiatives in our schools. These are tools to identify student reading levels and subsequently provide extra resources to improve their reading abilities. While we must keep in mind that some students develop later than others, intervention is key if we want to ensure students remain on the road to academic success.

These initiatives were recently profiled at a Board of Trustee meeting, including a video demonstration of the tools in use and a display of the materials. A recording of that presentation can be found at the end of this blog and I encourage you to watch and learn more about how these programs are being implemented in District schools.

We can leverage these resources to complement the tremendous work being done by our teachers in classrooms. I know of exciting literacy programs occurring throughout the District, being led by committed and innovative teachers who are taking the initiative to foster literacy in their school community. I commend our teachers for believing in our goals of improving student literacy and for making our objectives a classroom reality.

Our province has a history of outstanding writers, including, but certainly not limited to, recent Governor-General’s Literary Award winner Joel Thomas Hynes, as well as Lisa Moore who will soon have a novel aired as a TV series. We offer the country and the world amazing actors and comedians who challenge us and make us laugh, musicians who entertain us, and engaging historians who inform us. Their success relies upon the ability to interpret our world through words so that we can understand a perspective we may not have previously considered. These are inspiring individuals who illustrate what we are capable of. Our educators are just as inspiring and demonstrate literacy leadership on a daily basis. Working together, we can ensure our students strive for their personal best and achieve personal success, of which literacy is leading factor.

At the risk of really dating myself, I can recall waiting eagerly for the weekly arrival of the bookmobile - a converted school bus from the public library that would travel around to neighborhoods in the summer - so I could dig into the next Arthur C. Clarke SciFi novel. Today, this is just as likely to be a graphic novel readily accessed through an iPad. I am sure many of you have have similar memories of your favourite book, short story, or a poem which opened your mind to new ideas and possibilities; such is the power of literacy. I encourage every member of our school communities to continue with the great work they have been doing to encourage literacy and allow our students to create such memories. From Family Literacy Day to reading circles in our classrooms, every effort counts and contributes to our goals. Read at home with and to your children, and also let them see your love of reading on a daily basis.



“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”  - Frederick Douglass

Tony Stack
CEO/Director of Education

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